Yes, you do need a copywriter

Working with a copywriter is one of the most important things you can do for your business.  I know what you’re thinking ‘you would say that, you’re a copywriter!’ And that’s why, my dear reader, I know best. 

I’ve worked with clients for more years than I care to mention, and while they may have a sharp shiny website, eye catching design, and super cool promo materials, one thing that often falls by the wayside – especially after the budget has been blown on design and development – is copy.  The words are there alright, we see them, but often they just don’t sing us.  

Singing words, what are you talking about? 

In this fast moving world where we’re churning out content left right and centre, we are often rushed to get a blog out, update our web copy and chuck a few messages out on our social media channels. We need to be seen, all the time, and this upsets me, but you can read about these fears in another post.  

Creating content is all great, but in the rush of the moment, we often throw words together without thinking about their purpose, impact, and even worse, without checking for typos and mistakes.  We can write the most targeted piece of content only for it to flop because of a stray comma, missing apostrophe or dreaded typo.  Even worse, the copy just doesn’t hit home with the audience.

When writing, we don’t always account for tone or style or think about who we’re talking to. This can lead to people switching off, not taking note and really not understanding that we’re trying to tell them or what action we want them to take.  Which renders the entire project or campaign completely pointless.   

Does this all sound complicated?  Well it needn’t.  All I’m trying to impress on you dear reader is that content and its context is oh so very important. If you don’t know what words to fling at your project, then come to me and I will certainly guide you through the minefield and craft copy that is just right for you and your audience.